Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy – “I am planning to get the vaccine”

September 2, 2021

Although the COVID-19 vaccine is available in the United States, many people are still unsure if they want to get vaccinated. When supporting someone who says that they are planning to get the vaccine, but have not taken action yet, it is important to help them identify actionable next steps such as scheduling their appointment or finding transportation. Affirming their decision to get vaccinated by connecting to their motivators, such as wanting to keep their family safe, will also support their decision and help them move forward. Some things you might say are “Do you have a plan to get or schedule the vaccine, and how can I support you?” or “Tell me about why you decided you want to get the vaccine.” Here is an example of how you can have a productive conversation with someone stating they are planning to get the vaccine. *Disclaimer: the actors in this video are fully vaccinated, however current CDC guidelines have changed since filming and now recommend all individuals wear a mask indoors, even when fully vaccinated. Be sure to follow your state and local COVID-19 social distancing and mask guidelines before coming into close contact with others. To learn more about current CDC recommendations, visit This video was created in partnership between AUCD’s National Center on Disability in Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through award # is 6NU38OT00280-03-05. For more information about COVID-19 vaccine access, hesitancy, and confidence please visit: or