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The voices highlighted on this site represent the lived experience of people with disabilities. These aim to raise awareness and education on the experiences of people with disabilities.

An employee checks a schedule. He is wearing a red collared shirt and is standing in a kitchen supply store.
Employment Stories
Two masked women sit in a doctors office. The women wearing a white lab coat is applying a bandaid to the other womans arm.
COVID-19: Why I got Vaccinated
A masked man sitting in a chair, dressed in scrubs, is holding a clipboard. The person across from him has their back to the camera.
Mental health
A Vote Here sign is set up in a parking lot
Two men are playing in an outdoor basketball court, both in brightly colored shirts. The man with the ball also has two prosthetic legs
Health and wellness
cropped view of two radio hosts recording podcast in broadcasting studio

Recent Stories

The State of HDI Episode 3: Plain Language

Join Patti Singleton, Division Director for Professional Learning, as she discusses plain language with HDI staff, Bev Harp and Morgan Turner. Learn what Plain Language is, why it is important, and how to start using... Read More